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Microsoft TMG 2010 SP1 HTTP Listener issue

I have Microsoft TMG 2010 with SP1 applied. I had to publish intranet portal for my external users so I created a Web Publishing rule and HTTP listener. However in the listener properties as soon I change the Session Timeout value under Connnections > Advanced and tried to apply I received this error. “This Web Listener is configured to use SSL. You must specify a certificate for use in this Web Listener.”

This error does not make any sense because I did create HTTP listener which should not require SSL certificate. This seems to be a bug in TMG 2010 SP1 and hopefully will get fixed in upcoming hotfix. I did not get this error on my other TMG box which does not have SP1 installed.

The only workaround I know so far is to install and select a certificate under Certificate tab of listener properties. I already had a certificate installed on my TMG which was issued by my internal CA, by selecting it I was able to save the listener.

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